Motorcycle Day at the Dome


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ACMC Mission Statement

The ACMC is made up of Arizona Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations which have come together in unity to facilitate and broaden communication amongst its Members, within the riding community and general public. It serves to educate both riders and the non-riding public on all of the positive aspects of motorcycling and to warn against and oppose any intrusion(s) upon their rights to live and ride free. Its goals are to promote and protect motorcyclist's rights. It will accomplish these goals by any lawful means necessary. The ACMC does not approve organizations, or in our language “sanction”, Clubs. The ACMC Members are a select group of Elite Clubs and Organizations who have banded together in a fight for freedom and stand in defense of American rights, especially MC Clubs, and all Motorcyclists.


The Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs Meetings are intended for representatives of ACMC Members and Associates ONLY. If you are not a member or recognized Associate of ACMC, and would like to attend the meeting for business reasons or other you must contact the ACMC Chairman to get an invitation to attend the meeting. Guests and Friends of the ACMC should request an invite also.

To All ACMC Members: Next ACMC Meeting is July 12, 2014 at 12 noon. Please send at least 2 representatives from your Club or Organization who has the authority to vote, if needed. The Next ACMC Meeting will be hosted by ALMA MC--WESTSIDE Clubhouse at 1050 N. Eliseo Felix Jr Way #105 Avondale, Az. 85323. Anything to address at the meeting please contact Still Ray. His info is on the Contacts Page of this website. If you have business with the ACMC please also contact Still Ray-Chairman. Any questions or concerns please contact a Board Member.


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