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ACMC Mission Statement

The ACMC is made up of Arizona Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations which have come together in unity to facilitate and broaden communication amongst its Members, within the riding community and general public. It serves to educate both riders and the non-riding public on all of the positive aspects of motorcycling and to warn against and oppose any intrusion(s) upon their rights to live and ride free. Its goals are to promote and protect motorcyclist’s rights. It will accomplish these goals by any lawful means necessary. The ACMC does not approve organizations, or in our language “sanction”, Clubs. The ACMC Members are a select group of Elite Clubs and Organizations who have banded together in a fight for freedom and stand in defense of American rights, especially MC Clubs, and all Motorcyclists.​

ACMC Membership Criteria

1) No cop clubs or members in law enforcement.
2) There is $200 seed money for new Clubs and $100 dues paid annually.
3) Your Club must then be an active participant within the ACMC community for a minimum of three years.
4) Associate must have a Member Club that will recommend them for membership in the ACMC by “Stand up” date.

If you are trying to start a new Club for the purpose of ACMC membership  we suggest you contact Clubs in your area.  This relationship will be useful as the Member Clubs are familiar with protocol  and can be helpful in introducing you to others as well as informing you of upcoming events, functions, etc.

At the present we will ask you to attend as many ACMC hosted events as possible for a while. Let the membership get to know you guys on the outside. Then as time goes by we can re-visit your questions. You can view our events calendar here.